The third chapter of MEI happened on 25 January, 2020. MEI, short for Mirra Early Intervention, is our continued effort to provide insight and means to parents to interact and engage with their children below 7 years.

The session began by invoking the positive energies within and without. Activities on mindfulness and an exercise session using Qigong provided the perfect communion that led to the main part of the session.

A series of activities helped parents understand the basis of intervention. Parents were left with an understanding of what all they could do with their children, how all and how often they could do engage, how to simplify, the importance of being consistent, the need for being mindful of their interactions with their child, to use the right words and tone, etc.

The session was led by Durga Aravind, Divyatha Kota and Vedanayagam of Mirra.