Let's find those mindful moments

Our body has an inbuilt self-healing self-cleaning mechanism. Let’s give it good motivation to do it.

COVID-forced Chrysalis . . . and know what? We have spread our wings!

The new born, less than a year old has re-written just about everything . . . interesting to know that it weighs less than a gram in total, living in so many bodies and has changed every human’s life significantly...

The New Normal

As we anticipate a longer lockdown situation and definitely a new normal emerging whenever we get back on our feet outdoors, literally, we at Mirra thought it would be wise to highlight certain recommendations.

Read what you love until you love what you read

. . . an interesting poster that has stuck with me ever since I saw it someday, sometime on the Internet!

Sensory Experience

Thinking with the whole body....

Transformation to an animator

Inspiring children to draw on their natural strengths in order to learn . . .