Chinese massage,(qi gong) an eastern technique of massage is taught to a select few parents at Mirra. The technique relies on the positive energy transfer from mother to child happening in the least invasive and most reassuring way. The program is advocated to be a hands-on home program for children by the primary caretakers and provides a meaningful way to interact and engage with the child. Ideally suggested for children who fall under 6 years of age, at Mirra the program is suggested for much older children as well, provided they do not have any other neurological issues. A small group of parents is convened to watch the video demonstration and given an overview of the procedure and relevant information is shared so that the mothers are confident of delivering the benefits to their respective wards. Checklists in the form of questionnaires and easy-noting formats also form part of the orientation so that recording of pre- and post-massage outcomes are documented. The massage program entails performing the routine for a minimum period of five months to bring about necessary changes in the child’s physical, emotional and social milestones. Periodic reviews and in-person discussions are regularly held so as to motivate the mothers and to continue practising the massage at home.