Science is all around us and cannot be studied in isolation. There is a science behind every aspect of our environment. Keeping in mind that sustainable environment is key to a balanced ecosystem, we had flagged off our science day on April 2017 with soil as the theme.

The second science day was held on October 27 2017 with Air as the theme. Air experiments began a week before science day. Children were asked to check the pollution levels inside and outside the house. The second experiment was to understand the effect of air on plant growth. Children shared the outcome of these experiments on science day.
Discussions were held on air and each child performed five experiments to understand the properties of air. There was equal focus on application of the properties. The enthusiasm level was evident through the participation in the experiments and discussions.

The session also focused on understanding air pollution and what each one of us could do to reduce air pollution. Children also agreed to execute the experiments at home.

The excitement and fun of science was in the air!