We bid adieu to 2020 in style with Kalakriti, the stage that showcased the talent of our students on a virtual platform. What a magical morning it turned out to be! It started off with traditional lamp lighting and a song from thiruppavai. We explored art in almost all forms - right from singing, dancing, painting, cooking, fancy dressing to martial arts. You name it, they got it. Such a humbling and inspiring show of talent! We basked in the glory of our students. They can do it all, including compeering the event. Ninety minutes of flawless performance and seamless execution. Perfect Mini-kutcheri.

Feels good. We have had our entire ‘’December season’’ packed in one morning - silk sarees, indulgence in good art experience, . . . where you come out feeling satiated, absolutely floored, elated and calm at the same time. We had our performers all set for their lot, all audience present and eager (in this case extended family of students and Mirra). Just that hot canteen food and filter coffee was missing. Well, we need to leave something new for 2021, don’t we?

Here is to the nurtured dreams and a promising future.