Children and nature go together – or should. Recent studies document the importance of introducing children to the natural world, beginning in the early years. Their social, emotional, and physical health depends on this exposure to develop. The primary benefit is that children become better observers and feel more connected to the environment. 

It is with this context that we @Mirra have flagged off our series of initiatives on the environment to understand and sustain a Green environment around us.

We had our first science exhibition on 22nd April 2017 where close to 20 children, their parents and siblings participated. The theme was soil and its conservation and how do we manage the waste to ensure a nutrient rich soil.

We kicked off a series of experiments from 17th April 2017 where children were split into groups and each group worked on soil composition, soil types and planting of a seed and seeing it grow to a plant.

On 22nd April 2017, we had a presentation to our children on how soil gets polluted and what each one of us can do for a better environment around us. The children listened with great attention and were completely involved and participated in the discussions pertaining to soil conservation – They were indeed a very enthusiastic audience.

Each group observed and documented their findings on soil experiments and also each child worked on creating a useful artefact as part of their recycling activity.

The entire group met again towards the end and each child came up with a list of changes that they would bring about in their homes for a sustainable environment.