The theme for the 5th science day ,held on 19th Jan 2019 ,was Electricity. The day began with a presentation explaining the definition, sources and uses of electricity. The safety aspects while using electricity was emphasized. Working models demonstrating the sources of electricity helped the students to reinforce their understanding.

The students were split into groups to begin their experiments. Concepts were explained through movement and games. Experiments pertaining to open and closed circuits, conductors and insulators, how graphite in a pencil can be used to light a bulb, a simple electric bell and electromagnets.

Every student got the opportunity to perform and try out the experiment by themselves. The students were attentive, focused and were ready to explore and infer the results. They drew the circuit diagrams and noted their observations.

The day ended with a recap and demonstration of models for application of electricity. The students were asked to make any model demonstrating the application of electricity and showcase the same by end of the month as a follow-up action.