Our 8th edition of Science day was about “Light” on a virtual platform. The students were introduced to Light as a form of energy that not only powers many devices but also helps us to see. The functioning of the eye and how it perceives light and enables us to see everything around us was explained through a simple video. Both natural and artificial sources of light were discussed.

The second segment of the science day was experiment time to understand the various concepts about Light. The students enthusiastically tried out each experiment and shared their findings. The facilitators linked the observations with the concepts being taught. New terms were introduced linking to the concept.

The experiments covered understanding the nature of an object based on the amount of light it allows, light traveling in a straight line, shadows, colour wheel and rainbows. The students were able to recall, understand, explain and draw conclusions based on the observation. These steps are in line with the Bloom's taxonomy for hierarchical ordering of Cognitive skills.

The students and the facilitators thoroughly enjoyed the experiments and the excitement was evident when students showcased their work. It literally “Spread the glow around us” and it was “fun and vibrant like the colours of the rainbow”.