Mirra held its annual sensory exhibition SEE (Sensory Experience Exhibition) themed on Activities of Daily Living on 22nd and 23rd November.

Parents and educators participated in a walk-through demonstration focussing on Brushing,Toileting, Bathing, Dressing, Feeding and Grooming skills necessary for independent functioning of any individual and all the considerations that need to be given in terms of motor, sensory, language and cognitive domains for successful training and learning of each skill.

The aforementioned skills are taught and practised in the home setting typically but have relevance in the social setting too as the child or individual grows up and needs to be independently capable of performing these tasks when the situation demands.Breaking up of the steps involved in each skill as way of task analysis, going over the sequence, adaptations and allowances with respect to sensory processing and the various factors that should be taken into account for successful performance were the grounds on which the exhibition depicted the ADLs.

Parents and educators visited each station, which were numbered for easy reference and had a staff member addressing the self care skills in totality. Posters, charts, models, songs and miniature displays helped to drive home the message that making an individual independent in their activities of daily living was the need of the hour.