The services we offer are aimed at reaching out to parents and children in a variety of ways. 

1.            In Mirra, functional assessment is done based on developmental milestones. Parents are an integral part of the entire process which gives them an opportunity to understand the strengths and the needs of the child. Assessment is generally followed up with referrals, suggestions to schools and teachers if needed, and providing a detailed home program to the parents.

2.            The overall focus of remedial at MIRRA is on promoting life skills. Thinking skills such as application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, etc. are enhanced by using content from academic subjects such as science, math, global studies and English. Our training in communication is dynamic and multifaceted.

3.            Parent empowerment is ensured by allowing the parents to observe how we work in every session and by having regular workshops for groups of parents to help them understand their child as well as the logic behind the intervention so that their dependency on professionals reduce.

4.            In Mirra, occupational therapy (OT) is multi-faceted. We offer

  • Traditional OT for neuro-motor development
  • Yoga for anxiety reduction, calming and self awareness
  • Sports for promoting motor planning and attention enhancement. One to one sports training is offered at home on a need basis which leads to participation in a structured play at school and in community
  • Physical fitness, wherein a daily home program for 25 minutes is given to parents to empower them to progressively work on making the child independent in the fitness routine
  • ADL (Activities for Daily living) training and facilitation of transferring of these skills to the home environment through home visits

In action . . .

From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on all weekdays and Saturdays. We offer one on one remedial services.