At Mirra, we believe that education should provide the child with skills that will help him lead a quality life.Mirra is founded on the belief that ‘all children can learn – every child has potential and there are simply no limits for learning’. This belief governs our program for communication and language learning. Academics is a tool for learning higher order skills.


Mirra is founded upon the belief that all children, including those with special needs, must be empowered to grow up into independent individuals who believe in themselves; it is the parents who are the constant element in a child’s life and therefore they must be empowered to be the primary managers and advocates on behalf of their child with special needs;teachers must be empowered to enable the child’s holistic learning – Mirra helps them to demystify the process of understanding the child.


Mirra embraces inclusion as the way of life. It is founded upon the belief that every child deserves a chance to live, laugh, love, learn and play; everyone is an integral part of mainstream society. Inclusion should be possible at every stage and Mirra is working precisely towards this.