Santulan 1.0

Santulan was an attempt by the family of Mirra to bring for the children and for themselves an experience. An experience that was new. Whose outcomes no one could anticipate, control or change. We had set many variables rolling together at the same time, in which we could only sometimes catch pieces of the complete picture.
But mostly, we just waited with faith, planned with anticipation and watched with awe. *Faith*, in the child’s innate abilities to dynamically learn from, and thrive in, any environment; *anticipation*, to see what the children would do to elevate each idea to a different degree of uniqueness and finally, *awe* to watch them at work with themselves and along with others.
Each child brought something to the group. Their personality, their preferences, their mood, their feelings, their thoughts. They were as much an influencing presence as any other adult in the environment. We hoped they would look out for one another, hold themselves to their own abilities and have fun. We hoped well.
So, yes. Santulan was trying. It was a challenge because we had never done it before. Everyday was different. But it was also a joy. It was a curve—almost a U-Pin Bend—on our usually straight path. And the beauty of these type of curves on a path, is that they lead us higher up the road...closer to our destination.