On 23rd and 24th of September 2016 Mirra turned into a “home” – exhibiting and demonstrating activities of daily living that deal with senses, home being the environment where the components of these senses can be made aware and practised. The objectives of this exhibition were:

  • To demystify approaches to sensory integration
  • To explore opportunities of engaging and communicating with children
  • To establish the functional relevance of sensory activities.

Parents, special educators and therapists who visited the exhibition observed, participated and drew a plan to integrate these activities into the routine of their child/chidren. They were taken on a tour beginning with a briefing on the efficacy of sensory integration, then familiarizing with a series of home-based activities and lastly coming up with new ideas to implement with their own child/children.    Children learn and become aware of their environment using the senses. The refinement of senses is the key to thinking. These sensory needs are to be experienced and manipulated repeatedly “so that the brain adapts and functions with benefits in learning and reacts appropriately with the external environment”.