It was a cheerful virtual meet of moms and the Mirra team just to touch base and share a few laughs.

We started with an icebreaker where each of us had to throw an imaginary ball to another person in the group by calling out their name, which helped us to get familiar with the names and at ease. We also had fun reading tongue twisters shared on the screen at slow and fast speeds, which had all of us in splits.

Since six months had gone by in a blink and with an earnest hope to see and hear them all, what followed next was an invitation to share the roses, thorns and buds during this period.The analogy was to the highs, lows and hopeful moments that each of them had experienced and by the end of it they allowed us to have a sneak peek into their lives.

The session came to a close with a wonderful anecdote about how each of us have answers to most questions within us if only we seek them out. Another icebreaker on opposing emotions drove home the point that it's absolutely alright to feel a myriad of emotions and each of them is significant as well as transient.

We propose to have this Vanga Pazhagalam event periodically to stay connected with our EI parents, recharge ourselves and be there for each other .