We dared to dream…

The journey began in March 2017 with a lot of questions and apprehensions in our mind. They struggled, worked hard , practiced and were always ready to walk the extra mile needed to gain competence.

Yes, this is in reference to the six students(Atharsh, Harshil, Manas, Nivedh, Shreya and Thrisha) who completed their diploma in AEMP (Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program) conducted by AIMS Media. The program encompassed all forms of media – Drawing, Painting, Art and Craft, Photography , Photoshop and Stop Motion animation. It also included extra curricular activities to boost their communication and interpersonal skills.

Today, these students are skilled confident and proud individuals with great self belief and self esteem.The parents worked equally hard and learnt along with the students to make this dream possible. Our faculty from AIMS media, Vinoth sir, has been really patient and worked with each student towards achieving their best.

We had their convocation at Mirra on Jan 23, 2019. These six students held the mike and spoke about the program. It was indeed a proud and an emotional moment for all of us.

Some of these students have moved on to the next level of the program which is a step further in the larger goal of their life.

We thank all those who have enabled us to walk closer to achieving this dream…Our best wishes to all the students for a bright future.

The convocation address by Rakesh Dhasmana is accessible in the following link: https://youtu.be/FQ1RCnNXnEI

The speech given by our students is accessible in the following link: