Mr. Murali Sundaram, Happyness coach, took us all from ‘Let’s see’ to ‘Yes, I can do this’ in just an hour during his webinar ‘’Mindful or Mind-Full parenting’, as part of our parent wellbeing program.

What was it about? Well it was time to acknowledge the animal rather the animals in us. Find them, put a leash on one and unburden the other and voila! Happiness is within our reach. Too simple?

According to Mr. Murali, the constant jumping of one, carrying the weight of the world, and the whining moaning associated with it are the main drains of our energy and life. Very aptly visualized as Monkey - racing thoughts - and the Donkey - emotional baggage. Only when this monkey stops jumping will we get energy. Then we can take some action on the things that we know are good for us. And how and where do we find the leash for it? It is in our heart. Wait, what? Slow it down. Bring the beats to around 60 per minute. How? Watch the breath, slowwww it down. And, the action part of the brain gets switched on.

Ok, that’s not too tough. How about the donkey? Well, give it gratitude. No, we are not kidding. End of every day, note down one happy moment of that day and one thankful moment for one thing or person that made your day. And how is that going to help you find happiness? Same way we smile when seeing an old picture, every time we read the happy and thankful notes, we are going to relive the moment of happiness and our mood is lifted instantly.

Simple to understand and follow.

Now comes the parenting part of the title. Can you believe it, even here he had a simple suggestion. Model it, do it yourselves. Let the child get curious enough to ask you about it and then guide them through it. Allow them to write what they want to, use technological aids if need be for breath aligning.

And, Be happy!