Team Mirra hosted a webinar on Fitness and Nutrition on 9th Apriil, 2022 , as part of our holistic approach to Gut health series. Mr. Raj Ganpath, co-founder –‘The Quad – Redefining fitness’, was our speaker, who better than the person that walks the talk and trains many people every day.
It was all logical, practical and simple action items to the questions that we had regarding Nutrition and fitness and the way fitness impacts overall quality of life. Raj recommended Simplicity over Complexity and Consistency over Intensity. These two points were explained in the context of each question and at the end of it , the merits were evident.
The webinar covered many topics relevant to our daily life, right from the first step to gut health being identifying and removing allergens to busting myths about motivation. Looks like even hardcore athletes don’t wake up motivated on all days , such a comforting point to those of us that were beating ourselves over and over about it.
Our takeaway was not about what to do but how to go about the journey towards becoming better. With wellbeing as the main goal, it is all about choosing a fitness routine and diet that is suitable and sustainable over long time and do that consistently. Raj emphasized that wearing a smile makes a difference and do 'something' on lean days and go all out on a charged up day!!
Fair enough, right?