A webinar where we all entered with loads of questions and doubts and came out with clarity and practical tips, thanks to Dr Chezhiyan and Dr Arulprakash. We at Mirra kickstarted our webinar series ‘Hello Doctor’ on Friday, 19 March, 2021.

A very relevant and often-discussed topic amongst us about our children - diet, food sensitivity and how to address the challenges. Who best to address it than our own Dr Chezhiyan, Mirra parent and advisor and Dr Arul Prakash, eminent paediatric gastroenterologist!

The session started with a presentation where the doctors explained the general issues related to the digestive system. The discussion that followed brought out a treasure trove of information, useful tips and very deep insights. Both doctors patiently addressed every question from our parents and with many data points and cases from all over the world.

We got answers to our questions and a lot more. We now know how to calculate how much of a particular food group is needed , the how and what of supplements and whether the tests are fool proof. Two hours of the webinar was packed with information and tips. The camaraderie shared by the doctors made it feel like a lively chat that we all enjoyed and benefited from.