Children and adults experienced rhythm in a way like never before as they beat their hum drums, exploring rhythm and pitch. They were led sometimes by the facilitator, Mr Rzhude David, the inventor of the hum drum, and sometimes by the children who were drumming in complete ecstasy.

Rzhude shares that the hum drum was inspired by and created to engage with a child with autism. The tone is base and very light on the ears. The drum is made of recyclable materials.

During the workshop with the adults, parents and teachers of Mirra on August 7, Rzhude took them on a well-structured journey in understanding time and sound and their relationship in creating rhythm and music. He helped demystify rhythm and gave the audience the confidence that they could even compose their own music as can children if the lessons are practiced meticulously. The hum drum kit comes with a music guide and two hum drums