Kindness and Compassion

Author: Lakshmi Satish

Today is Friday, the 13th. This caught my attention not because it is spooky but because it is INTERNATIONAL KINDNESS DAY.

One website said that the day has been created to make people aware that kindness matters. We need to be told that? Apparently yes.

Have you been kind today? I have been asking the children this question during my sessions and they answer in all earnestness. But I am sure I have got it all wrong. They know kindness. They may just be indifferent to the people that they feel are not kind to them. No exceptions. And I wonder, do they see kindness in us?

Healing, Inclusion, Mindfulness are some of the big, most widely used words today. For these to happen, kindness and compassion are key - to self and others, living or non-living.
Here’s to kindness and compassion.