As the name goes,it was a hand of friendship that was extended by Snehadhara, an organization which true to its name symbolises love and affection towards all and we at Mirra embraced it with open arms to bond with friends from afar.

As the internet generation drifts away from simple pleasures like penpals or waiting for a long distance call, this initiative made all of us at Mirra, students and team alike, look forward to our Thursday hour of fun from December 2020 onwards.

We bonded over stories, songs, art, movement and had fun doing experiments, being statues and playing Bingo. We spoke, gestured and drew figures and made shapes, that with each passing week that our friendship grew bigger , stronger.

We have our hands and minds full of love and list of things to do with children at home , what with MAITRI showing us how to have wholesome FUN!!