"Malarchi Batch 2 Certification" seems too mundane a description to capture the feelings experienced on 13/11/2021. After all we were meeting the Gentleman that always asks permission before making any comment , the ever punctual and polite gentleman, the ‘chill’ girl , Perseverence personified, the deep thinker , ever-caring person, one in whom the still-water-that-runs-deep and the ever smiling responsible man.

We all gathered online to recall and cherish the moments we spent with them and to get to know the way they are taking their learning forward.

Kavitha Krishnamoorthi of The CanBridge Academy joined us to celebrate this very proud moment. And it was a joy to have a chief guest who’s as invested as we are in the field of inclusion .

There was a moment of ‘yayy we did it’ when a student quoted Malarchi is like my family and we friends meet every week over Zoom. We were ecstatic when one of our students checked in on how we all are feeling. We tried not to grin too much when after every speech and song - students took to chat box to appreciate. They even reminded to stop recording after the event ended.

Etiquette and appreciating the person, being there and focussing ✅.

We can’t ask for more, I guess. With hearts brimming with joy for having played our roles in empowering them to be aware of their strengths and taking steps towards independence .

Wishing the very best to the students and their parents