As written by Namma Ooru Foundation:

“It was in April 2017 that Mirra embarked on its journey to Go Green. What strikes you at Mirra is the adamance with which they go about managing their waste!

While the wet waste is composted the dry waste management leaves one spellbound.

Just about everything is repurposed, reused. Be it the fallen leaves, the Bamboo that had to be trimmed, the coconut shell that usually travels a long way and ends up in the landfill.

Dr. Raja Samuel, Principal of MSSW who unveiled the Namma Green School Accreditation aptly spoke about embracing nature with all its imperfections, looking at the recycling practices followed at Mirra.

Most of the teaching aids, material are from things that would have otherwise been junked. The management and staff at Mirra are high on creativity coupled with a will to recreate and reuse. Recycling Nazis! “