In collaboration with AIMS Media, a Mural Art workshop was organised for Mirra’s students and their parents at its premises on 13th March 2019. The workshop began with an introduction by Vinoth Sir on Mural Art form followed by a demo.

Each parent-child group chose a picture that would be made into a mural. They began by tracing the picture on the canvas board. The children then worked on rolling the clay and arriving at the needed shape. With the help of the parent, this was stuck on the canvas board. Any carving needed was done using a tooth pick.

The next was the most exciting part – painting. The parent and the child tried out various combinations of colours to get the appropriate one. They painted using different types of brushes. They used their imagination to make the mural more appealing.

All of them were completely focused and did not budge till they finished their art work. This meant sitting at the same place for close to three hours. The smile and the happiness on their face while displaying their mural art work spoke volumes of fun and enjoyment they had during the workshop.

The workshop ended with parents taking home some print-outs to create more mural art forms.