Lakshmi Satish has been participating in panel discussions.

a. SCAN Conversations are “Once a month conversations” on Facebook. The purpose was to discuss about the challenges that professionals and organisations in the field of special education face during the pandemic.

Conversations included how the organisations managed during the pandemic, how they converted this situation into an opportunity so that support to individuals who are neurodiverse doesn’t stop. It was heartening to hear all the panellists share their journey and look at positive outcomes for learning.

b. Elina Panel Discussion

The focus was on “Exploring opportunities for individuals with autism across age groups”.

It was an interesting panel discussion that had some key takeaways from the discussions. This included current career opportunities available for individuals with autism; development of soft skills and opportunities available for that; in creating opportunities for independence, what is the role of life skills and academics and the importance of exposure.

Information by the panellists on their initiatives in creating opportunities for individuals with Autism was shared.