A half a day at Bharatiya Vedic Krishi Parampara (BVKP) farm was well spent by the Mirra family (parents, children and facilitators) on 27 Sept 2019 (Friday).

It all started with about 21 parents and their children and 6 facilitators meeting first at SRM Public School at Guduvanchery on Friday morning. The BVKP farm is about 4 km plus drive from the school and it was a wonderful ride from the school to the farm in about 10 cars and taxis with many of us hitchhiking in available seats in each other’s vehicle.  The last stretch of ride to the farm was on the mud road which was particularly interesting for the drivers of the vehicles to ensure that they do not mess up the day with any incidents as the road was quite muddy at some places and water logged!

A large red colored mat was spread below a banyan tree and the kids and their parents were welcomed into the farm with a tilak. The introduction session started with a prayer song by taking the blessings of Lord Krishna followed by introduction of the kids by themselves and the Mirra Team. BVKP team introduced themselves and their field assistants and started their day with a request to follow them in a disciplined fashion. First, we were taken to a Goshala where there were about 60 cows, an exclusive variety of Indian breed. We were informed that the milk from the Indian breed of cows known as A2 milk is our traditional milk and rich with proteins and minerals and the most sought by people all over the world. Children were given an opportunity to feed the cows by walking around the cow shed, and subsequently preparation of cow feed was demonstrated and children were given an opportunity to do the mixing as well.

From the Goshala, we were taken to a Herbal Garden and were shown herbal plants such as insulin (good for sugar patients), pirandai (good for hand/leg and joint pain), lemon grass (good for using with water as a health drink), nilambu (preventive drink before fever and cold), nan-nari (good for blood purification), etc. Subsequent to the visit to the herbal garden was for a stop over to have lemon drink prepared by the BVKP team which was really wonderful.

Adjacent to herbal garden was an open space where we children participated in Mat weaving, grinding in an ammikallu and pounding (NelluKuthu). The interesting part was the performing of nellukuthu to a song and rhythm for our children! The kids were told about the importance of having Arasa Maram in Temples and the need to go around the tree to inhale pure oxygen.

This was followed by a visit to paddy and corn fields where children and parents got into planting paddy crops in the wet field. From the farm, a ride on a bullock cart was arranged by the BVKP team with the cart making 3 to 4 trips around the location, with children and parents having a lovely time.

Finally all us returned to relax under the banyan tree little after noon and ate together good homemade food brought by us.

It was a really a wonderful trip with 4 to 5 hours spent by all of us at the farm.