Team Mirra gathered on Friday, March 4,2022,  to welcome and explore a new tool for understanding self and others with Psychodrama therapy.
Our facilitator Madhu Shukla had us all laughing within first five minutes into the day in the ‘meet and greet’ activity itself. It was the day of unmasking in more ways than one. We moved, we played, we spoke from the depth of our souls and also from top of our heads. We made silly sounds, profound statements and the bond just got stronger.
Who knew story and drama could open up the variety of possibilities of conflict resolution? And the elements and energies that came into play and how each one of us brought bits of ourselves into it was just magic. We split into small groups to share and discuss our inner selves and came as a group to embrace it as ‘ours’.
The day’s closure activity brought the team closer, with each of our choices when listed down becoming our words, wishes and vows forming one beautiful poem. Sharing the blessings each one brings in and the blessings we draw from being a team – brimming with positivity and the surprises time unfurls, we bid adieu!