On Friday, 16th of February, Mrs. Laxmi Parameshwar, a psychologist and psychotherapist, joined the team of about 40 parents and facilitators at Mirra for a day that was open to questions.

During the first half of the day, Mrs. Parameshwar answered queries from parents, explaining compassionately, but fiercely, about the importance of understanding and handling one’s own emotions and valuing kindness and gratitude over success, competition and power.

Mrs. Parameshwar also gently drew our attention to the fact that time away for oneself to recuperate is what strengthens the bonds within. It is our duty to cement the support system of our children by doing what we need to do to build and maintain strength. If that strength comes from time spent on oneself, then it is well deserved. It is well deserved, because children deserve the best version of the selves that their parents have to offer them.

During the session for the facilitators, Mrs. Parameshwar used some simple well-known stories to demonstrate how people often find many solutions in fiction. We relate to stories on a personal level and find meaning and kinship in the trials, strife and finally the happiness that characters experience. Mrs. Parameshwar demonstrated a beautiful way to connect and collaborate with parents, children and oneself.

Her parting statement rang true and unforgettable. She stands strong in her faith that the children are far more beautiful than we know. It is us who need to create faith in and opportunities for them to let this beauty show.

Mrs Laxmi Parameshwar is a licensed Psychotherapist and family therapist among other things. (http://www.thepositiveoutcomes.com/laxmiteam.html)