Simple Machines

Sixth Science Day was organized at Mirra on 20th December, 2019. The theme was SIMPLE MACHINES. Six simple machines were covered under this, namely- Inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, lever and wheel and axle.  All the students and staff members had begun the preparation a month prior to the event.  The interns from BALM also actively participated by creating working models and cofacilitating with MIRRA staff during the event.

The event started with a presentation by one of the faculty members on Simple machines. The students were then divided into groups and started exploring each of the Simple Machine stations. Various models were made to explain the concept to them in a simple manner and were made with easily available materials. There were activities, demonstrations and presentations to facilitate learning better. The parents also accompanied them and really enjoyed the different sessions. The students were also given some home tasks related to the concepts that they learnt in the exhibition. At the end, 5 students presented their own models which were a combination of simple machines.

 The day ended on a happy note with the students and parents ready to explore the simple machines around them...