Science is the most revolutionary force in the world. With that in mind ,the team at MIRRA conducted their 9th edition of Science Day-themed “Force” on Sunday 27th February, 2022.
Kicking off with a quick trip through older Science days the event started with a general association of the word “force” in everyday life. From there the concept of force was slowly introduced through a series of simple and fun experiments using objects available around students. These helped the students to understand the concept of force, the effects of force, and various words associated with it.
The variety of activities helped the students to explore, think comprehend and have a lot of fun. Through the course of the session the different types of force like Frictional, gravitational and magnetic forces were introduced. Balls were thrown, paper rockets were made to fly and the term “escape velocity” was everyone’s new favorite word. Through movement and play, the concept of force took a new shape in their learning.
As Albert Einstein wisely said “The important thing is to never stop questioning” follow up experiments and quizzes were provided for more learning. It was wonderful to see parents and students participating enthusiastically in all experiments. The session ended with the students recalling what was learned and more experiments to try at home.
It is to be noted that Feb 28th is celebrated as National Science day. More to science and exploration!