Colors..They are known to affect the bodily functions, mind and emotions. Mirra and Aims M├ędia organized a workshop in Stone painting at Mirra for its students and parents. The workshop was facilitated by one of the parents, Srividhya Hariharan. She introduced the concept and demonstrated how one can use various tools on stone and create beautiful designs.

The students got the opportunity to work with a person other than their parents and facilitators. It was a novel experience for the parents too as they had to understand the student and then work with them on stone painting. Each adult-student duo tried out different designs on the stone. There was so much fun and excitement during the process.

At the end of the workshop, there were several stones each one with a different design clearly demonstrating the creative quotient. Many parents acknowledged that working with colors was indeed a calming exercise. The workshop ended with a photo shoot and each one picking up more stones to try more designs at home.