The New Normal

Author : Durga Aravind

These are troubled times indeed but we ought to do what we should and be grateful for life's little but significant blessings, such as good health, supportive family and our children. As we anticipate a longer lockdown situation and definitely a new normal emerging whenever we get back on our feet outdoors, literally, we at Mirra thought it would be wise to highlight certain recommendations.

Movement: By now from our interactions you must be aware of the emphasis we have on movement-related activities. Kindly ensure that there are enough movement opportunities in the course of the day, be it an obstacle course, animal walks, somersaults or few cartwheels with caution.

Play: Engage with your child and the child in you by spending pockets of time in play, be it by pretending a doctor's consultation, a cookery show with a kitchen set or the lead set by your child, put simply whatever he likes to do. Digging in sand, building a tall tower with blocks or ‘dress-up fun’ are all moments to cherish and don't miss the opportunity for quality connect and loads of language input.

Sensory Fun: Let's look no further from our homes to engage with children while they need lot of hands-on experiences to explore and learn and develop their sensory processing. Our kitchens and utensils can be put to good use for their tiny hands towards this purpose. Messy play all the way! A word of caution though - the experiences need to be enjoyed by the child and do not push or scare the child into trying anything new against his or her interest. Repeat their favourites. As always, the brain learns by repetition . . . so more times the merrier.

Attitude: “This too shall pass” - true to the words our precious children are not going to be children forever. Do keep it in mind. Make all your interactions with the children happy and enjoyable. Tall task when they drive you crazy - but step aside, take a deep breath, drink water and step out of the room. When we are stressed, our children pick it up easy and are unsure of how to respond and react. Keep words to a minimum or try best to stay silent and only hug and connect with your child. Comes really handy in a meltdown or tantrum too.

Routines: This period has become quite long enough for us to get into new routines and settle easy. Children thrive on routines and like predictability. We are aware some of you may have moved back to your native or have elders in the family who may need your attention too. Still, practice most routines that you had with your child indoors or start new ones that can be helpful in the long run too. A wake up dance, prayer after bath and before food, eat by myself meals, a piggy back ride with daddy in the evenings, wearing a face mask and a story before bedtime are all examples that can be sustained after the lockdown ends as well.

This sure is a long post but sums up all that we have been meaning for you to hear from us in our interactions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us at Mirra for discussion, suggestions or even if you just want to talk. We are all ears.

Do reach out if you want access to kid friendly yoga routine that has been created by Ms. Vedavalli, our yoga instructor and educator, which we are glad to share with you by an email.

Stay and Play indoors. Be safe.