31st July,2021 dawned with buzzing excitement at Mirra. We were finally going to find a way to grab the bull by the horn, ‘Understanding aggression ‘. Ms Aarti Rajaratnam , Consultant Psychologist with special interest in Child and Teenagers mental health was our speaker , who better than the person Mirra’s ideas resonate with.

One of the major lockdown blues was the increase in number of episodes of aggression. Ms Aarti in her very practical and fluid style broke it down and helped us all identify the reason behind and how to spot a trigger a mile away. And went onto further differentiate the difference between anxiety and aggression . Then together through question and answer sessions , we all explored the ways to implement the understanding for the issues we face .

It was a session packed with information , some of them so simple that it left some of us feeling uncomfortable, but marching on with the hope of that gain at the end of this pain.

There never was a bull apparently, just a little lost lamb that’s very scared . That needs us to be calm so that they can find their balance again.