The team met in Mirra, on 29 and 30 April, 2022, to see where we want to go and how to go about it. Our Mentor, Mr. Suresh Subramanian, had come down for two days with a specific agenda to shake us and make us move in right direction.
We had Mr. Suresh question every plan and every path. Looks like moving forward is not as easy as putting the destination in Google maps and go where the lady says😊.
Day 1 was all about shaking and shedding; left us feeling cautiously excited. We had to shed the inertia, some beliefs we held, break the boundaries, rethink our priorities in order to pave way for a brand new Mirra 2.0.
After Day 2, the questions and nudging has given us the glimpse of how it could be. We all have the vision at 30,000 ft - birds eye view. Time to get down and start working ground up to make it visible from 30,000 ft.
Need to get the weeds out, turn the soil over, sow the seeds for the new ideas while nurturing the ones we already have. We can’t wait for the pleasure of seeing it all grow to its potential and beauty.