Mirra organized a Workshop on Healing oneself through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on September 19th. The workshop was driven by Deborah Kukreja, Healer at Creative School in Bangalore. She has been trained in Inner Child Healing and Regression by Dr Newton Kondaveti and Jayashree Ashok. Due to her own challenges in social-communication skills growing up, she feels passionate about individuals using their strengths to build confidence in themselves while working through the challenges.

The workshop began with Deb talking about her life and how and why she took on to healing, sharing her experiences on how it has personally helped her overcome some of the physiological challenges as well as emotional challenges. This was followed by an introduction session by each of the participants where they shared their expectations from the session and how they looked up to healing for addressing some of their issues. Deb clarified that the workshop was aimed at bringing in a state of calmness so that one is aware, allowed to feel and accept their problems. This state of calmness would automatically help them in arriving at solutions for their problem.

Deb explained about the EFT. EFT uses mind and body to connect to an issue and clear it through acupressure points on the body to tune into emotions. EFT is expected to remove blocks, allowing energy to freely flow in our body. There was practical experience of this technique where every participant was made to go through the tappings of the acupressure points always emphasizing on the fact that they love, forgive and accept themselves based on the foremost issue being faced by them. Each participant explained what they felt while doing the EFT – the responses ranged from being tired, confused, pain in the body to feeling a sense of calmness and acceptance. The technique was repeated by the group several times for addressing the emotion every participant was going through. The entire group did the same whole-heartedly without any hesitation and it was beneficial to the entire group. Deb also spoke about the importance of affirmation and indicated that it is important to follow this regularly to reap the benefits.

Deb also shared the journal published by her and her team – Karuna. This workshop was attended by staff at Mirra, parents and special educators.