Sensory Experience Exhibition

Think with the whole body. As this quote says, we use our five senses to see, hear, taste, smell and touch to learn and experience with the environment. This learning happens on a continuum. In addition to the five external senses, the senses pertaining to Movement, Balance and their awareness plays a pivotal role in the learning process. As a child grows from infancy to adulthood, the experiences using the above senses get refined and integrated for further interactions.

Sensory integration is a continuous process which spans across the growth and development of an individual. Any lacuna or deficit can manifest as an impediment for the normal functioning and co-existing with the environment. As children, using the aforesaid senses involves play , play and only play… Play which is fun, directed towards  satisfaction, uninhibited, provides an appropriate ground for learning and later reinforcement.

When children lose out on their formative years, the benefits and outcomes of developmental play can lead to gaps in learning. This brings in the role of Therapists and Educators to facilitate the bridge between play and learning so as to make it a smoother and enjoyable process.

Not to undermine the role of parents, sensory integration begins at home. Sensory integration can be achieved using the materials easily available at home through functional activities. Parents can unleash their creativity using the simple materials and facilitate imparting various experiences right at their homes. It goes unsaid that this is done with a great agenda of ONLY FUN…

Lets not forget that  “The senses are the ones we trust first, last and always”.

SEE - 2020

Moulding paper mache, sniffing scents around the home, household chores, diy musical instruments, shadow art and making friends with food… were some of our suggestions to parents who had gathered virtually for Mirra's Annual Sensory Experience Exhibition on 28th of November 2020.

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Mirra held its annual sensory exhibition SEE (Sensory Experience Exhibition) themed on Activities of Daily Living on 22nd and 23rd November.

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SEE in Nature

Nature is the ultimate sensory experience. And she is there in abundance around us. “Why look beyond”, asks Durga, the head of therapy at Mirra who is almost obsessive about taking therapy beyond the four walls and towards nature

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SEE - Third Chapter

The focus of this third chapter was to explore sensory-based activities for vocation or leisure - activities such as pottery, origami, sewing, weaving, garden art, jewellery with beads and fireless cooking. Did it arouse the curiosity of the children? Oh yes it did.

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SEE, Explore, Experience

On 23rd and 24th of September 2016 Mirra turned into a “home” – exhibiting and demonstrating activities of daily living that deal with senses, home being the environment where the components of these senses can be made aware and practised..

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Exploring Science

Science is all around us and is learnt through exploration and experience. Whether "natural" or "man-made", every aspect of our life has science associated with it. Knowing science helps building a positive perspective of the world around us and brings out the thinking and reasoning skills in children. A spirit of inquiry is developed by understanding the science behind the "why" and "how" of everything around us.

"Exploring Science" is a series of events where children get to learn science through experimentation and exploration.


Science is the most revolutionary force in the world. With that in mind, the team at MIRRA conducted their 9th edition of Science Day-themed “Force” on Sunday 27th February, 2022.


Our 8th edition of Science day was about “Light” on a virtual platform. The students were introduced to Light as a form of energy that not only powers many devices but also helps us to see.

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Chirping of birds...sound of rain drops...chanting of Om...loud speakers blaring...laughter... Now you can guess the theme of our 7th Science day - Sound. And this time our science day went virtual and global too.

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Simple Machines

Sixth Science Day was organized at Mirra on 20th December, 2019. The theme was SIMPLE MACHINES. Six simple machines were covered under this, namely- Inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, lever and wheel and axle.

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The theme for the 5th science day ,held on 19th Jan 2019 ,was Electricity. The day began with a presentation explaining the definition, sources and uses of electricity. The safety aspects while using electricity was emphasized.

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Water : Precious Natural Resource

Science Days in Mirra have been about the elements of nature so that our children continue to bond with nature and learn to appreciate and conserve it.The first two science days focussed on soil and air and the third one held on Feb 6th 2018 had Water as its theme.

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Excitement in the AIR

Science is all around us and cannot be studied in isolation. There is a science behind every aspect of our environment. .The second science day was held on October 27 2017 with Air as the theme. .

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Soil and its Conservation

We had our first science exhibition on 22nd April 2017 where close to 20 children, their parents and siblings participated. The theme was soil and its conservation and how do we manage the waste to ensure a nutrient rich soil.

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Santulan is a summer program at Mirra. The program focuses on skills of working in a group. The sessions include movement, language and thinking and the arts. The duration is for a week and two groups participate – the junior group and the senior group.

Santulan 2020

Our Santulan 2020 was held in the last week of December virtually and the team and participants had fun unlimited with activities like Soundscape, Vocabulary Games, Art and Crafts, Clay Modelling, Storytelling, and Science Experiments to name a few .

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Santulan 2.0

For the second year now, Mirra finished the year with a two week-long group summer program for children – in two batches, for children aged 7 years and younger and for 8 years and older. Through the year, Mirra follows the one-on-one model in its remedial program, wherein the facilitator, child and parent work together. During the two weeks of Santulan, the learning happens in small groups of five. About 32 children signed up for this program this year.

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Santulan 1.0

Santulan was an attempt by the family of Mirra to bring for the children and for themselves an experience. An experience that was new. Whose outcomes no one could anticipate, control or change. We had set many variables rolling together at the same time, in which we could only sometimes catch pieces of the complete picture.

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Kalakriti - The stage is our annual talent fest where students get an opportunity to showcase their talent in various arts and crafts.

Kalakriti 2022

2022 Republic day,Team Mirra decided to celebrate and appreciate - our Soldiers of Inclusion - Parents and our students in our Annual Talent show *Kalakriti* - The Stage . We all enjoyed it virtually from the comfort of our homes.

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Kalakriti 2020

We bid adieu to 2020 in style with Kalakriti, the stage that showcased the talent of our students on a virtual platform.

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Beach Day

Sun, Sea and Sand

All of us at Mirra - children, parents and facilitators - welcomed February 2020 with a celebration of the Sun, sea and sand.

Mirra Beach Day

On the 24th of February, Saturday, the family of Mirra — both facilitators and children — were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6.30 AM in the morning at the Thiruvanmiyur beach.

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