Exploring Science

Science is all around us and is learnt through exploration and experience. Whether "natural" or "man-made", every aspect of our life has science associated with it. Knowing science helps building a positive perspective of the world around us and brings out the thinking and reasoning skills in children. A spirit of inquiry is developed by understanding the science behind the "why" and "how" of everything around us.

"Exploring Science" is a series of events where children get to learn science through experimentation and exploration.

Science Project Day 2023

Science Project Day 2023, Mirra’s 10th Science day – a day where we could sit back, watch and enjoy our students across all ages talking science. Each student was assigned a mentor from Mirra and right from planning to final presentation, the student, parent and the mentor worked together as a team to bring out the best in the student.


Science is the most revolutionary force in the world. With that in mind, the team at MIRRA conducted their 9th edition of Science Day-themed “Force” on Sunday 27th February, 2022.


Our 8th edition of Science day was about “Light” on a virtual platform. The students were introduced to Light as a form of energy that not only powers many devices but also helps us to see.

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Chirping of birds...sound of rain drops...chanting of Om...loud speakers blaring...laughter... Now you can guess the theme of our 7th Science day - Sound. And this time our science day went virtual and global too.

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Simple Machines

Sixth Science Day was organized at Mirra on 20th December, 2019. The theme was SIMPLE MACHINES. Six simple machines were covered under this, namely- Inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, lever and wheel and axle.

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The theme for the 5th science day ,held on 19th Jan 2019 ,was Electricity. The day began with a presentation explaining the definition, sources and uses of electricity. The safety aspects while using electricity was emphasized.

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Water : Precious Natural Resource

Science Days in Mirra have been about the elements of nature so that our children continue to bond with nature and learn to appreciate and conserve it.The first two science days focussed on soil and air and the third one held on Feb 6th 2018 had Water as its theme.

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Excitement in the AIR

Science is all around us and cannot be studied in isolation. There is a science behind every aspect of our environment. .The second science day was held on October 27 2017 with Air as the theme. .

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Soil and its Conservation

We had our first science exhibition on 22nd April 2017 where close to 20 children, their parents and siblings participated. The theme was soil and its conservation and how do we manage the waste to ensure a nutrient rich soil.

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